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10 Tips for Packing

Packing can be stressful, we get it! And packing a backpack is a whole different ball game than a suitcase. That's why we've put together our top ten packing tips - to help save you time, space and a whole lot of worry!
1. Don't get a backpack that's too big

If your bag is too big you'll end up bringing things you don't need, simple as! Remember when you're picking out a bag they always look smaller unfilled! Getting a slightly smaller bag will ensure the weight stays reasonable. That's why we've made our packs an efficient size of 55-litres; big enough to bring all of your essentials but small enough to pass as a cabin bag if it's not full to the brim.

2. Roll your clothes

You can save a lot of space by packing your clothes in a certain way. You might want to experiment with rolling versus folding your clothes, but for us rolling seems to win every time! 

Packing tips for backpacking

Rolling your clothes can help save space

3. Don't overpack

As tempting as it might seem to bring everything but the kitchen sink, there really is no need. There is nothing worse than lugging around loads of clothes you never end up using! 

Remember, your clothes can get washed (!!) by a super cheap local laundry services or if you bring a laundry soap bar to wash them yourself. And if you leave behind anything you feel you really need, you can always pick up some clothes and other necessities along the way.

Top tip: Pack what you think you'll need. Then unpack and half the amount. You'll thank us later. 

4. Keep your valuables with you

Bags go missing. It's a pain but it happens. So make sure that no matter what mode of transport you're getting, you keep a smaller bag on you with your valuables (we're talking passport, credit cards, phone etc.).

And make sure your travel insurance covers lost or stolen luggage so that you can replace your belongings should anything happen. 

SunDrift Top Packing Tips for Backpackers

5. Plan ahead for your first night

This is a tip we wish someone told us long ago. Think about what you'll need on your first night and then pack those things at the top of your bag. You'll probably be after a super long journey and will just want some sleep; make life easier for yourself by avoiding rummaging through your entire backpack's contents when you first land. 

Luckily, our packs can open both from the top and all the way around at the front so that searching for your items will never be a struggle!


6. Save weight 

There really isn't any need to bring full-size toiletries. These items are heavy and not a necessity. We recommend soap and shampoo bars, instead of plastic bottles full of product - they are better for the environment, will last way longer, and are lighter!

If you do want to pack bottle shampoo etc., bring travel size ones. You can top-up along the way.

SunDrift Packing Tips for backpacking

Lush shampoo bars 

7. Bring a lock 

Being able to lock your backpack will give you peace of mind. Often hostels have stowaway places for backpacks but they don't always have locks readily available so carrying your own is a great idea. 

8. Protect your pack from the rain

We've said it before and we'll say it again - rain is inevitable no matter where you're going. What's worse than that is damp clothes because you've not covered your backpack with a protective waterproof cover. All of our packs have been designed with a built-in rain cover to make sure this is never an issue for you. 

All of our backpacks come with a built-in raincover 

9. Buddy up

If you're traveling with a mate or two, talk to each other and plan ahead. You won't all need to bring a travel size hair dryer or a well-stocked first aid kit. Share the load amongst each other and it will be a win win all round. 

10. Ease the strain

Lastly, but arguably most importantly, make sure you pack your backpack correctly. Putting all of the heavier items in the middle closer to your back will ease the strain. Make sure you adjust all of the straps correctly to fit your body comfortable and take the pressure off your shoulders. 


Hopefully these ten tips for packing have helped you and will make your journey a little easier overall. Happy packing and happy travels! 

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