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Size Guide


The average female torso length is 14 - 18 inches. Our backpacks have been built with a breathable back frame that fits this average torso length perfectly. However the back frame is adjustable by 6 inches so it can also fit people who have longer torso lengths.

If you are concerned that our backpacks won't fit you, follow our handy guide below to measure your torso length:

Female Backpack Size Guide - measuring torso lengthFemale Backpack Size Guide - measuring torso length

  1. Begin at the top of the pelvic bone crest (the Iliac Crest) directly below the lower rib in your waist.
  2. Measure in a direct line up to the base of the neck, or the top of the seventh cervical vertebrae (C7) the prominent bone or large knuckle at the base of the neck. Or more simply, when bending the head backwards this is the crease of the neck.
  3. If your torso length measures between 14 - 18 inches our backpacks should fit well on you. 



Fitting a backpack properly

Start by putting your backpack on loosely. If you feel the back frame is a bit short for you, use the velcro at the back to make it longer (up to 6 inches) as pictured here ➡️


Once it is sitting comfortably, do the following steps: 

The first thing you're going to want to do is buckle the waist belt and adjust the position (using the shoulder straps) so that the padding rests on top of your hip bones. Make sure it fits snugly and is comfortable; you want it to feel secure but not pinch you. 

Next tighten the shoulder straps so that they hug your shoulders and back but, again, don't pinch you. Most of the weight should be on the waist belt so that you avoid straining your back and neck muscles. 

Tighten the load-lifter straps to bring the upper part of the backpack a bit closer to your back. The load-lifters should form an approximately 45 degree angle with the back panel of the backpack and with the horizontal plane that is tangent to the top of your shoulders. If you feel like the shoulder straps are starting to pinch your armpits or shoulders, you probably just over tightened the load-lifters. Like with all the other straps, aim for comfortably snug, not so tight that it’s inflexible.

Lastly, tighten the front strap which is also known as the sternum strap. Usually this should sit about an inch below your collarbone, but we have built our backpacks so that you can move this strap above or below your breast area so feel free to adjust accordingly. The purpose of this strap is to relieve stress on your shoulders by pulling the shoulder straps slightly closer together, however don't pull it too tight. Just remember, it's all about feeling comfortable and supported. 

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