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Our Story

Our Values
We believe in investing in memories; in filling our lives with experiences and having stories to tell. Our mission is to promote a fulfilling lifestyle while trying not to destroy our planet. That's why we encourage you get outdoors. Smell the fresh air, hear the birds sing, enjoy the sunshine or the cloud movement. Appreciate nature. 


Our Background
Hi, I'm Fiona and I started SunDrift with a mission. To deliver top-class sustainable outdoor gear that actually looks good!
 SunDrift Story
It began with my own frustrations. As an avid globe-trotter, I noticed there was a lack of stylish and sustainable backpacking gear on the market. During a 5 month solo trip in 2019, as I was island-hopping through the crystal clear waters of the Philippines, I found myself pondering a question "Why are backpacks all so dull, plain and boring?"

A few weeks later, I was sat in a female dorm in Sri Lanka listening to others venting on the exact same issue. As I continued my travels through Nepal and Kenya and spoke to more travellers, I realised I definitely wasn't alone. For the first time ever on a backpacking adventure I was excited to get home to Ireland to solve this problem!

After several (hundred) rounds of design and sampling, SunDrift was born. I launched the business with one product; a 55-litre pack, made from recycled water bottles, that represents your bold, beautiful adventure.

Following the success of our first hero product, we decided to tackle other outdoor gear and accessories. Now we're focused on building a whole range of sustainable and stylish products for your outdoor lifestyle; whether that's chilling in your garden, catching up with mates at the park or beach, venturing on a short hike or cycle, or embarking on an exciting trip around the globe.

We're delighted to have you on our SunDrift journey. Please feel free to reach. out with your questions or suggestions on our growing brand, there is always someone on hand to help!

Fiona ✌️


SunDrift Story