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Panglao Backpack
Panglao Backpack Open
Strapes of Panglao Backpack
Backpack strapes
Panglao 55-Litre Backpack
Panglao 55-Litre Backpack
Panglao 55-Litre Backpack
Panglao Backpack Pattern
Water Bottle holder of Panglao Backpack
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Backpack pocket
Panglao backpack cover
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Panglao 55-Litre Backpack

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  • Made from RECYCLED plastic ♻️
  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable 🌱
  • Designed to fit female curves 💁‍♀️
  • U-zip suitcase opening on front panel 👌
  • Hidden compartments for safety 🔐
  • Lightweight and durable 💯
  • Adjustable back-frame and front strap ↕️
  • Built-in rain cover 💦
  • Built-in safety whistle 💥
  • Breathable back 🌬
  • Padded shoulder pads 💛
  • Cute Palm tree design 🌴





Our palm tree Panglao backpack is inspired from the beautiful Philippine islands 🌴 It has a capacity of 55-litres, is lightweight and expandable with a mesh back system providing great ventilation when backpacking in warmer climates. The Panglao can be opened from the top but also boasts a suitcase style opening for easy access and convenience! 

There is a built-in SunDrift rain cover to ensure your gear stays dry, hidden pockets, lockable zippers, padded hip belt and shoulder pads. The breathable back frame is adjustable to fit your height.

And of course, like all of our backpacks, this is built to fit female curves comfortably. Say goodbye to uncomfortable front straps across your chest! Our revolutionary top strap can be moved to sit above or below your boobs, whatever is more comfortable for you!


We aim to build sustainable products and use as much recycled material as possible in both our backpacks and packaging.

We're proud to share that our backpacks are primarily made from recycled plastic. Our backpacks once had a previous life where they roamed the earth as soda bottles, water bottles and food jars

To make our backpacks, the waste from these products are collected, sorted and recycled. They are then refined into flakes that can be turned into products such as our backpacks! Using this kind of technology to recycle waste is a huge step forward to a greener, safer and cleaner planet. 🌏🌱

We take offsetting our carbon emissions seriously. Our shipping is 100% carbon neutral.




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