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Best Backpack for Travel

Get the Best Travel Backpack made from sustainable materials. 

SunDrift has designed and built a backpack to fit female curves comfortably. The 55-litre travel backpacks are made from recycled plastic and come in bright colourful designs. Read on to find out what unique features makes these the best travel backpacks:

Eco-Friendly Backpacks

The main material on SunDrift's travel backpack is made from is recycled plastic. These travel backpacks once had a previous life where they roamed the earth as soda bottles, water bottles and food jars, or in other words products derived from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). 

To make the travel backpacks, these PET products are collected, sorted and recycled. They are then refined into flakes to create recycled PET that can be turned into products such as these backpacks! Using this kind of technology to recycle waste is a huge step forward to a greener, safer and cleaner planet.

At SunDrift we strive to make our backpacking products as sustainable as possible. The packaging each travel backpack is delivered in is also made with recycled materials and our shipping is 100% carbon neutral. We take offsetting our CO2 emissions very seriously, we have made a commitment: For every 25 backpacks that are sold, a tree is planted on behalf of SunDrift in the west of Ireland. 

Best Travel Backpacks

Planting trees in the west of Ireland.

We work with Hometree, a registered Irish charity, to plant native trees that are to be enjoyed by animals and humans alike. Being part of the reforesting process helps us all reconnect to the Earth and reconnect us to the responsibility we have in protecting it.

You can find out more about our Sustainability Promise here.

Travel Backpacks built for the female form

Of course SunDrift's travel backpacks can be worn by anyone who chooses, but they were built with the female body in mind. This means the travel backpacks are lightweight and have a smaller frame to fit the average female torso length of 14-18 inches. You can check out our Size Guide here.

Not only that but SunDrift has designed a revolutionary front top strap for your travel backpack. You can now say goodbye to the uncomfortable feeling of the strap squishing down your boobs! SunDrift's travel backpacks allows you to move this strap up and down vertically so it can sit above or below your breast area. It's particularly useful for bigger-chested gals! 

Colourful Travel Backpacks

At SunDrift we believe your travel backpacks should be as bright and bold as the adventure you are about to embark on. Why the need for dull, boring travel backpacks that look like they've been designed just for a hardcore mountaineer? 

SunDrift's travel backpacks are designed taking inspiration from beautiful places around the world, resulting in colourful creations that will look cute AF on your Insta feed. 

Best Travel Backpacks .          Best Travel Backpacks


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